Design Process

Your design is based on a foundation of facts and details.
How you live and experience your surroundings.

When you walk into a well thought out room, different elements work together naturally. Usage & appearance meld into a comfortable cohesive mix that just fits.

Architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase in 1896,
"Form ever follows function".
This has been the stalwart of serious design ever since.

Usage & Function
We start the process with a detailed analysis of your needs.
Listening, understanding how you will use the space...
Discussing concepts & options...
Defining how every Family member is involved...
Tracking usage down to each peripheral detail.

Style & Form
We each have a well developed sense of personal style.
For many people it is below the surface, difficult to put into words.
Together, we review a range of styles...
Gauging your impressions & reactions...
Drawing out what you connect with, defining your comfort zone.

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